PART 4: How To Check Task Status On S3zipper

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check the status of your long running task occasionally? Yes, I bet it would be.
S3zipper API provides the ability to check the status of any given task request at any time. This makes it easy to know which tasks succeeded, and which tasks failed. This also makes it easy to re-run the tasks that failed.
The final status of a completed API request might also contain the link to the completed result.
Also available on Github

Example Below:

package main

import (

func s3JwtState(c echo.Context) (err error){
	/**************** GET TOKEN FROM COOKIE ***************************/
	cookie, err := c.Cookie("newJwtToken")
	if err != nil {
		return err
	var bearer = "Bearer " + cookie.Value

	/**************** GET UUIDS FROM SESSION ***************************/
	sess, _ := session.Get("session", c)
	allBodyUUIDs := sess.Values["allBodyUUIDs"]
	/**************** ACCESS API WITH TOKEN  ***************************/
	client := &http.Client{}
	// create new request with allbody set
	// allbody contains uuids

	req2 , err2:= http.NewRequest("POST", "",  strings.NewReader(allBodyUUIDs.(string)))
	if err2 != nil {
		log.Fatal("err2: ", err2)
		return err2
	req2.Header.Set("Authorization", bearer)
	req2.Header.Set("Content-Type", "application/json; charset=utf-8")

	// get response
	resp3 ,err3 := client.Do(req2)
	if err3 != nil{
		log.Fatal("err3: ", err3)
		return err3
	defer resp3.Body.Close()
	// read body
	body2, err4:= ioutil.ReadAll(resp3.Body)
	if err4 != nil{
		log.Fatal("err4: ", err3)
		return err4
	return c.String(http.StatusOK, string(body2[:]))


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