PART 3: How To Start Zipping Process On S3zipper


One of the things that makes S3zippper standout, is its ability to run file compression as a background task. This makes it such a convenience for users that want to do this programmatically, and don’t have time to wait around while the tasks are being completed.
One such task would be a user that needs to sell MP3 song selections, or offer specific files for download to specific users regularly or dynamically. This can be a hard task if done manually.
Another nice feature is the ability to specify natural file paths like you would do on a personal computer(PC). All file paths start from the bucket name as the root source e.g. /bucket_name/path/to/file/or/folder.

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package main

import (

func s3JwtStart(c echo.Context) (err error){
	/**************** GET TOKEN FROM COOKIE ***************************/
	cookie, err := c.Cookie("newJwtToken")
	if err != nil {
		return err

	/**************** ACCESS API WITH TOKEN  ***************************/
	var bearer = "Bearer " + cookie.Value
	client := &http.Client{}
	form := url.Values{}
	form.Add("awsKey", "aws-key")
	form.Add("awsSecret", "aws-secret")
	form.Add("awsBucket", "bucket-name")
	form.Add("awsRegion", "us-east-1")
	form.Add("awsToken", "")
	form.Add("awsEndpoint", "")
	form.Add("filePaths", "path/to/file/or/folder")
	form.Add("filePaths", "path/to/file/or/folder")// You can add many of these // it is a list
	form.Add("zipTo", "")
	form.Add("resultsEmail", "") // email to send results to
	req2 , err2:= http.NewRequest(echo.POST, "",  strings.NewReader(form.Encode()))
	if err2 != nil {
		log.Fatal("NewRequest: ", err2)
		return err2

	req2.PostForm = form
	req2.Header.Set("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded")
	req2.Header.Set("Authorization", bearer)
	resp3 ,err3 := client.Do(req2)
	if err3 != nil{
		log.Fatal("NewRequest: ", err3)
		return err3
	defer resp3.Body.Close()
	body2, err4:= ioutil.ReadAll(resp3.Body)
	if err4 != nil{
		return err4

	/******* body contains json results // save it in session ************/
	// Was unable to save to cookies.
	//No need to parse body here // backend expects json string result for simplicity
	uuidBody := string(body2[:])
	// session starts here
	sess, _ := session.Get("session", c)
	sess.Options = &sessions.Options{
		Path:     "/",
		MaxAge:   86400 * 7,
		HttpOnly: true,
	sess.Values["allBodyUUIDs"] = uuidBody
	sess.Save(c.Request(), c.Response())

	/****************** Return result from body *************************************************/
	return c.String(http.StatusOK, string(body2[:]))


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