PART 5: How To Get Or Wait For A Result On S3zipper

Finally, everyone likes to know their results. S3zipper API provides the ability for users to start a background task that can wait till the results are finished. When there is a signal that the result is present, this task retrieves the result of the final request that just completed running. A lot of time it could be an actual result or just a notification that the result was successful.

PART 4: How To Check Task Status On S3zipper

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to check the status of your long running task occasionally? Yes, I bet it would be. S3zipper API provides the ability to check the status of any given task request at any time. This makes it easy to know which tasks succeeded, and which tasks failed. This also makes it easy to re-run the tasks that failed. The final status of a completed API request might also contain the link to the completed result.

PART 3: How To Start Zipping Process On S3zipper

THIS EXAMPLE ZIPS MULTIPLE FILES & USES GO(GOLANG) ECHO One of the things that makes S3zippper standout, is its ability to run file compression as a background task. This makes it such a convenience for users that want to do this programmatically, and don’t have time to wait around while the tasks are being completed. One such task would be a user that needs to sell MP3 song selections, or offer specific files for download to specific users regularly or dynamically.